Helicopter charter, rental and hire

Cancellations & Changes

Cancellations, reductions or  rescheduling of a helicopter rental or charter by user, follows the regulations in accordance with the  helicopter company that has confirmed the service.  There is no refund of booking fee.  Any cancellation of confirmed helicopter bookings, must be relayed to the same helicoptercompany that has confirmed the request.. A booking is confirmed when a helicopter company has pressed ACCEPT button on your booking request and this is logged by IP address. Heliticket AS is not responsible for emails ending in users spam filters. Cancellations must be sent by email or registered mail. If technical or other operational issues should make the helicopter tour impossible, terms of operating helicopter company applies. Cancellations of booking more than 30 days sin advance is free of charge. If less than 30 days but more than 48 hous, there is a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to confirmed flights are charged 100% of flight cost pluss the 10% booking fee.  Changes to requested schedule  or cancellation of gift certificates, are exempt and follow the limitations listed in the Gift certificates section of the terms  and. Onditions.  iWww.helikopter.flights or its superiors are accepted to be held without liabilities in such cases.  For cancellations by the helicoptercompany due to technical or weather conditions, terms apply in accordance with that company terms. Booking fee of 10% is not refundable. For requested  changes in confirmed  schedule , it is up the the Helicopter company to decide.