What are the phone numbers to the helicopter companies ?

As soon as all seats are requested and helicopter is full, the request is sent to all the helicopter companies that are offering helicopter tours on their websites in the region.  Then you will be notified of full helicopter and also informed with the phone number to the helicopter companies that have received the flight request.  The helicopter companies do not accept bookings of less the 5 passengers , (unless you pahy for 5 seats) . Furthermore, they do not make any effort to put different groups of passengers together  to fill up either .  The portal  does exactly that !.
However, before the flight is full there is no reason for calling the helicopter companies since they do not have any information about your booking request.    Not until all 5 seat are booked.


I cannot find any tours on the calendar ?

Only flights  that are NOT full are listed on the calendar. (5 passengers). When the flight is full, it is taken off the calendar and sent to the helicopter companies in the region.

There are no fixed times for tours. Only on order. The calendar  therefore does not show all flights that go, but only those that are waiting to be filled up to 5 passengers.
If you are less than 5 people, your order will be placed on the calendar with an indication of how many seats have been booked and how many are available.
Others can then sign up so that the flight request is sent to a helicopter company.

If you find a flight on the calendar that you are interested in, you can sign up to help fill up the helicopter.

The Calendar - How does it work for Tours and Gift Certificates

The Calendar - How does it work for Tours and Gift Certificates

The calendar is for passengers that are waiting for the helicopter to fill up.    
Both sightseeing tours and Gift certificates have the option of purchase for single passengers.   This is much cheaper than buying for full helicopter.  When you enter a requested date for less passengers than the helicopter has seats, the flight is not sent to the helicopter companies in the region untill all seats are sold. In the meantime the booking request is listed on the calender so others can  find it and list themselves on the same date. You will be notified when the helicopter is full.  You may also register yourself on an alreday listed flight, so chances increases to fill up all seats.   When the flight is full, it is removed from the calnedar and the order is sent to a helicopter in the region.  Please note that Gift Certificates are  valid  on saturdays only.
If there are not enough passengers on a flight, a  new date must be entered.   The portal is an automatic self service program and there is no way for the program to know if a user is in the area for a limited time or is a tourist.  This is described in details in Terms & Conditions and it is not possible to completeca payment before these terms are read , understood and accepted by the buyer.
What happens if there are not enough passengers on any of the dates before the gift card expires ?
If you have entered the request for the desired date in accordance with the conditions, and there have not been enough passengers to fill a helicopter before the gift card expires, we can extend the validity period. The same applies if there has been no free capacity at the helicopter companies receiving the request if the helicopter was full.
Not enough passengers to fill all seats in the helicopter.

If you have ordered a helicopter tour for a smaller number of passengers than the helicopter has seats, you must share the trip with others. If there are not enough ipassengers, the assignment will not be sent to the helicopter companies in the region. Then a new date must be entered.

How can I receive reimbursement of Gift Certificates ?

Reimbursement of gift cards is described in the terms and conditions on our pages.

WARNING ! Helicopter companies flying missions - Terms & Conditions -
Many helicopter companies - different transport conditions
Some helicopter companies have conditions that you should be aware of. Especially additional fees they have under their terms. these reveal frivolous customer behavior regarding private passenger transport and sightseeing trips. Always check the terms and conditions of the helicopter companies you fly with. If you find terms and conditions that contain elements like the ones below, you should stay far away. The large so-called serious companies are the worst in terms of terms for private customers.
Check whether the helicopter company has these points in your transport conditions.  If yes , hang up .
  • Departure fee when departing from Norwegian airports/airports as well as the company's own bases, a departure fee is added. NOK 625
  • Waiting time is considered the time the helicopter/pilot has to wait between flights and is invoiced per hour started. NOK 2,500
  • The company is not responsible for non-attendance or interruptions due to emergency agreements with the Norwegian state and is not responsible for interruptions due to the activation of these, such as ambulance flights, rescue services, fire, or other public requisitions.
  • Terms where the company reserves the right to cancel/move small assignments of less than 60 minutes if it should block larger assignments.
  • Flights where fixed attendance prices are given are based on optimal conditions on the way to the mission. In the event of bad weather and an assumed longer time consumption at the time of arrival, the fixed approach will be converted to an hourly price.
  • Extraordinary increases in fuel costs may be added without notice
  • Complaints on invoices Complaints must be made immediately and no later than 8 days after receiving the invoice.
  • The customer is responsible for notifying neighbors and notifying the local police, where noise can be a nuisance for areas in the immediate vicinity.
  • Invoice fee NOK 125

A typical way of convicnig private tour clients of their superior client policy , you will often see boastful titles in their correspondance :

How do I find out if there is time available for a trip on a specific date?
This is an automatic self-service portal.
When orders are placed in the portal, it is sent to all the helicopter companies that offer such trips in the area you want to fly. If they are not available, you can suggest a new time.
Alternatively, you can contact all the helicopter companies and ask them yourself. You get rid of that job through
Have you purchased a helicopter tour for single seats? Read this.

You may purchase single seats on a helicopter sightseeing tour if you are not enough passengers to fill upp all places.   However, the price is based on that all seats are sold before the flight is scheduled.

You pay a 10% booking fee for a helicopter flight. On the receipt you see the price you will have to pay to the helicopter company when the flights is full and scheduled.      The 10% is not a deposit , but a fee nin refundable.

In order to book a date for a helicopter flight for single seats flights, you MUST place the a requested date on the calendar.  If  other  passengers also requests the same date for the same flight, the flight is sent to the helicopter companies in this region and that offer sightseeing flights in helicopter.

If they have capacity they will schedule the flights and all passengers will be notified.  If no capacity or if there are not enough passengers to fill the helicopter, the passengers are notified and you need to set a new date in the calendar. 

The above information is also written i details in the Terms  & Conditions that you confirmed to have read and accepted before you paid the booking fee.

How to book a helicopter sightseeing tour
  • Select country from main menu on homepage
  • Select Helicopter charter from from main  menu
  • Select Sightseeing Tours 
  • Zoom in on Map and click on the city you wnat to fly from OR press "Show all Helicopter tours"  and then click city
  • Select  the Tour you want    
  • Select  number of passengers next to the tour you want
  • Press button for  book tour

Pay the booking fee and follow the instructions  on the screen to set you desired date 

How to change the date on a booking listed on the calendar

If you have booked a tour listed on the calendar, and which is  waiting to fill up vacant seats, you may change the booked date in "My Flights".   When all seats are taken and the flight order is sent to an operator, you can not change the date.


Which helicopter companies receives the booking requests from sightseeing tours ? is a independant booking portal. We send the booking requests to companies that have  an offer on their websites on helicopter sightseeing tours. taxi flights and cargo missions. The helicopter companies that recieves YOUR  booking requets may or may not reply depending on their capacity and  interest in your  booking.
When you use the portal for booking requests , you will receive contact data to which companies that  have received the request from the portal.  Including phone and email data to the companies.


How to set date and time when booking a sightseeing flight

After you have pressed the button for number of passengers, you are directed to PayPal payment page.    You pay 10% , then you are directed to the page for date and time.  Select date and time and enter names of all passengers.  Also enter the ca AVERAGE weight of the passengers.  Book flight.



How do I book time for a Gift Certificate flights ?

If you purchased the certificate yourself:
log in with the same user id as when you purchased the card. Go to My Flights . There you will find the certificate and may register the desired date.

If you were given the Gift Certificate from someone else: 
Create an user account, and log in here.
Enter the serial number found on the certificate in the box "Use Gift Certificate" a little down on the main page. Follow instructions to complete. 

How to set a date and time when booking single seats on Sightseeing tours

Single seats are an opportunity to get a ride in the air without having to pay for the full helicopter. You share the helicopter with others who want the same tour. When you order, you  pay  10% booking fee and then directed directly to the page where you enter the desired date and passenger names.  When we are combining different groups of passengers on a specific tour, the time of day preferences mayvary between the groups of passengers. Therefore time of day is set and chosen by the helicopter company. You pay  the for the flight the day on departure directly to the helicopter company.