Helicopter charter, rental and hire

Interupted Helicopter Flights

If a helikopter flight under progress is interupted due to tehnical , weather related, safety, or other reasons that makes continuing flight impossible, the customer has the right to be transportet to the destination that he was ment to reach , by alternative means of transport. The helicoptercompany has the final decition on which type of transport to use.  The customer is responsible to pay the agreed  price for the hole transport as if it had beeen accomplished as planned.  Are there no alternatives of transport, the customer is compensated in accordance with the relative distace left . When ordering the customer accepts these terms and accepts furhtermore that any helikopter flight can be interupted by causes named above, and waves the right to any claim of compensation as a result of the interuption. Booking fee is not refudable in such cases. Customer accepts the that the information and terms  herein, encompasses all aspect of informational , guidance and warnings connected with the flight, and that the content is exhaustive.  When in doubt if a flight can be accomplished, customer shall bring this to helicoptercompany's attatention in writing or SMS before flight starts.  Pilot in Command has the final desition if a flight is to be commenced or not, and if a flight must be interupted regardless of reason.