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Helicopter Sling Load Operations

The price is calculated based on the information you submit. It is important to specify the type of material, and the total amount of lifts or tons in approximate weight (tons) is essential. It is your responsibility to ensure loads for helicopter sling load are not heavier than the given weight you registered in the input form. You should also pack smaller items together to make best use of the helicopter's capasity. In the quote you will find an indication on how many lifts the job will need. This is based on your input of weight and the helicopter type in the quote, and the price is therefore limited to that weight. If dditional lifts are required, additional charge may be invoiced by the helicopter company. Helicopters have diffirent lift capasity, and in the quote the aximum weight of the heaviest single item is given. Extra costs may be charged if the weight is higher than registered because the item would have to be split into smaller units. Preparing materials for lift is done by certified ground crew with approved slings, nets or other lifting tools.
For large and bulky items the form and size may be e limitation instead of weight. Such items must be flown separately regardless of weight. The pilot in command has the final authorization.   Flying sling operations is not allowed in cities and congested areas. Neither is flying directly over people and property that can be damaged if a sling load is lost or released from the air in an emergency. If a sling operation is interrupted, further arrangements have to be agreed upon between customer and helicopter company. 10% booking fee is due at booking time, and the final payment for the operation is directly to the helicoptercompany minus the booking fee. Booked and confirmed flights may be rescheduled by the helicopter company according to their routines. Booking fee is non-refundable if the company has confirmed the flight, or if non-confirmed booking requests are cancelled by the user with less than 7 days to requested date of the helicopter sling load operation. The helicopter company may reschedule any sling mission at their own discretion. Booking fees for sling operations is non-refundable.