Helicopter charter, rental and hire

Sightseeing tours and single seat requests

Single seat booking requests are the Budget price for clients that are not enough peoaple to fill up thehelicopter.  When you   select this option, the tour is listed on our CALENDAR. This way others can can see how many vacant seats there are, and enrol on the same tour.   When all seats are paid for, the request is taken off the CALENDAR and sent to the helicopter companies in the region that offers sightseeing tour in helicopter.   If there are no entries on the calendar for the tour you desire, this  means that there are no others with single seat  booking requests that are waiting for th ehelicopter to fill up, and your booking is the first.  Are you visiting the area for a short periode of time, we do not recommend to select the Budget option, since this option is offered for those that are flexible with regards to the date of flight.   If the tour on the calendar does not fill up in time for your listed booking request, you must enter a new date unde "My Flights".