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Booking Requests

Sending Booking request is simple !
Taxi transport flights, Sightseeing tours, Sling operations, Group transports.   Use the calculators and map to pin point exactly where to fly from and where to fly. Then  enter number of people.  Press calculate, and you will get a quote !.  Press book "QUOTE", and the price is displayed. Final stage is   pressing YES button.  Price including VAT tax, duration of helicopter  flight, type of helicopter and number of seats are dispalyed.  If not alreday registered, do so and Log on. Pay the 10% booking request fee and the request is complete and entered into the system.
Quotes are based on availibility of helicopters at the operators, acceptance for the price calculated. and their acceptance of the flight. Older quotes may be of less interest to the operators.  Short notice booking request may also remain unanswered. Helicopter Booking request fee is due at booking request time plus assistance in landingpermits if any. On receipts and other notifications , this is named "Bookingrequest fee". The booking request fee is charged and is not subject to refund. Please see relevant helicopter serivice requested for regulations on refund of fee.  Payment for the flight is between you and helicoptercompany.  The booking is between you and the helicopter operator, not Helikopter Flights. Booking request for prepaid giftcertificates tours, see relevant section.  The  booking fee has a validity of 12 months