Bergen Helicopter Tour

#101 City and surrounding fjords and islands

  • Sandviken
    Helicopter tour start Bergen Norway from Sandviken
  • Åsane
    Helicopter flights over Bergen Norway over Åsane
  • Herdla
    Helicopter tours Bergen Norway Herdla
  • Ågotnes
    Helicopter service Bergen Norway over Ågotnes
  • View to Askoy Bridge
    Helicopter charter over Bergen Norway  to Askøy Bridge
  • Bergen Airport Flesland
    Helicopter Sightseeing Bergen Airport Norway
  • Lysøen - Ole Bull home
    Helicopter Sightseeing Bergen Lysøen Norway
  • Osoyro
    Helicopter Sightseeing Bergen Osøyro
  • Eikelandsosen
    Helicopter Sightseeing Bergen Eikelandsosen
  • Eikelandsosen
    Helicopter Sightseeing Bergen Eikelandsosen
  • Kvamskogen
    Helicopter ride Bergen Kvamskogen
  • Samnangerfjord
    Helicopter ride Bergen Samnanger Norway
  • Samnangerfjord
    Helicopter ride Bergen Samnanger Norway
  • Arna
    Helicopter ride Bergen Arna
  • Ulrikken
    Helicopter ride Bergen Ulrikken
  • Haukeland
    Helicopter ride Bergen Norway Haukeland
  • Damsgårdssundet
    Helicopter Charter Bergen  Damsgådsundet
  • Fishmarket
    Helicopter Charter Bergen sightseeing Fishmarket
  • Bryggen
    Helicopter Charter Bergen sightseeing Bryggen
  • Hakonshall
    Helicopter Charter Bergen sightseeing Håkonshallen

This helicopter tour starts at Bergen Airport Flesland or in Bergen city. The tour will take you over the major sights and it covers some of the beautiful scenery of the many fjords and islands in the region. Vågen is the inner harbor of Bergen city, and you will see the protected wooden warehouses from the 13th Century when Bergen was a German Hansa Capital for trade in the region. The sightseeing will include flying past Fløibanen cable tram which brings visitors up to the Fløien mountain, where the view of the city is spectacular. Haakonshall concert hall and Bergen aquarium will be passed as well, and of course the Ulriken peak, which is a significant attraction in Bergen. When the helicopter is above the city centre, you will see Lille Lungegårdsvannet, a natural lake that previously was connected to the fjords. Bergen is surrounded by steep mountains and fjords and the rest of the helicopter tour will be an amazing bird's eye view of these areas. Se also Stavanger Helicopter Tours and  Hardangervidda Kinsarvik Helicopter Tours