Ålesund Helicopter Tour

#141 Aalesund and Runde Island

  • Start of Tour
    Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Ålesund and Runde
  • Valderøy
    Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Ålesund - Valderøy
  • Ellingsøy Fjord tunnel
    Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Ålesund -  Ellingsøy
  • Ålesund City
    Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Ålesund city
  • Aksla
    Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Ålesund -  Aksla
  • Color Line footbal stadium
    Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Ålesund -  Colorline stadium
  • Tyskholmen Island
    Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Ålesund -  GTyskholmen
  • Langevåg
    Helicopter service from Ålesund over Sula
  • Sulesund
    harter tour foHelicopter crm Ålesund OVer Sulesund
  • Hareid
    Helicopter service from Ålesund - Hareid
  • Ulsteinvik
    Helicopter rental from Ålesund over Ulstgeinvik
  • Leinøya Island
    Helicopter hire from Ålesundn over Leinøya
  • Goksøyr
    Helicopter ride from Ålesund over Goksøyr Runde
  • Runde Island
    Helicopter service Runde island
  • Runde Island
    Helicopter Sightseeing Flights from  Ålesund - Runde Island
  • Grasøya
    Helicopter hire from Ålesund over Grasøya
  • Flø
    Helicopter rental from Ålesund over Flø
  • Ytrefløvatnet Lake
    Helicopter rental from Ålessund over  Ytrefløyvatnet
  • Giske Island
    Helicopter charter rental fro Ålesund over Giske
  • Vigra Island
    Fly Helicopter from Ålesund over Vigra

The Helicopter sightseeing tour starts from Ålesund Airport Vigra. The beaches on Valderøy are passed on the way into Aalesund  town with  its famous Jugend style architecture. and with good views of Aksla viewpoint . Color Line stadium is set in the picture while the helicopter sightseeing tour heads out Sulesund against Haried and Ulsteinvik . Famous for their hight tech shipyard industry. As conditions permit , the trip continues around the bird island of Runde. The island is protected by Law and 500,000 birds nest here. . Among these is  one of the largest colonies of European Shags . Right outside did sport divers in 1972 discover a valuable silver treasure from the ship Akerendam which sunk here in 1725. The discovery led to the amendment on the protection of wrecks older than 100 years . On the way back the helicopter sightseeing tour passes the small village Flø , which has received attention for its artfestival. .  The airport is also part of this Island municipality. See other helicopter sightseeing tours from Ålesund. and Bergen Helicopter Tours
Note : There may be restrictions regarding minimum altitud of 300m on route.