Ålesund Helicopter Tour

#142 Aalesund, the Sunnmøre Alps and Trollveggen wall

  • Start of Tour
    Helicoptertour alesund Norway
  • The City of Ålesund
    Helicopter Charter Alesund Norway
  • Sula
    Helicoptertour Ålesund Norway over Sula
  • Sunnmøre Alps Jønshornet
    Helicopter_Rental_Alesund Sunnmøre Alps Jønshornet
  • Sunnmøre Alps Store Standal 1365m
    Helicoptertour Ålesund over Store Standal 1365m
  • Grøtdalstindene peaks 1344
    Helicopter Rental Ålesund Grøtdalstindene peaks 1344
  • Sunnmøre Alps Grøtdalstindene peaks
    Helicopter charter Ålesund Grøtdalstindene peaks 1344
  • Sunnmøre Alps Storhornet
    Helicopter tours from Ålesund Norway over Storhornet 1691m
  • Sunnnmøre Alps Patchellhytta 1531m
    Helicopter hire from Ålesund Norway over Patchellhytta
  • Geiranger fjord
    Helicopter tours from Ålesund over 7 sisters waterfalls
  • Geirangerfjord
    Helicopter sightseeing from Ålesund Norway over Geiranger
  • Tafjord
    Helicopter sighjtseeing tours from Ålesund Norway over Tafjord
  • Sunnmøre Alps Høgstolen
    Helicopter charter tours from Ålesund over Høgstolen 1739m
  • Trollstigen
    Helicopter flights from Ålesund Norway over Tgrollstigen
  • Romsdal Valley
    Helicopter Flights from Ålesund Norway over Trfollveggen Base jump site
  • Romsdal Valley
    Helicocharter service from Ålesund to Romdal Valley and Romsdalshorn Peak
  • Romsdalsfjord
    Helicopter Tours and Sighseeing from Ålesund Norway over Åndalsnes town
  • Innfjorden
    Fly Helicopter from Ålesudn over Moldefjord and Skjervan Peak 1545m
  • Ørskog Pass
    Helicopter tours from Ålesund Norway over Ørskog and lauparen
  • Sjøholt town
    Helicopter tours from Ålesund  Norway over Storfjord and Sjøholtptertours_Alesund
  • Brusdalsvatnet Lake
    Helicopter  rides from Åleasund Norway over Strofjord og Spjelkavik
  • Ålesund City
    Helicopter Flights from Ålesundn over Color Line Stadium
  • Ålesund City
    Helicopter toiru from Ålesund over Aksla View point

This Helicoper sightseeing tour starts from Ålesund Airport Vigra. It gets quiet in the helicopter when the beautiful coastline and islands opens in panoramic format for the passengers . With 4 seats behind and one in front, it is excellent views for all. The Helicopter sightseeing tour heads for the town of Ålesund . Now you get to see Ålesund from postcards view position. Over Aksla helicoptertour continues towards Spelkavik and Sula. Course is set against Hjørundfjoden and famous Sunnmøre alps . Geirangerfjord and Tafjord are on this helicopter sightseeing tour route. Helicopter tour continues over  narrow winding Trollstigen road and we come out in Romsdal Valley. Trollveggen as a famous place for base jumpers . Note : There may be minimum altitud of 300m on route. . On the way back passing Innfjorden and Ørskogfjellet mountainpass. Descent towards Sjøholt town and passes again through the Color Line Stadium and Brusdalsvatnet before the helicopter ride ends at Ålesund Airport Vigra again. Note : There may be minimum altitud of 300m on route. See oher helicopter sighgseeing tours form Ålesund and Bergen Helicopter Tours