Bodø Helicopter Tour

#171 City, Saltstraumen and fjords

  • Bodø Airport
  • Blixvær
  • Mørkved
  • Fenes
  • Hopen
  • Hestsundet
  • Løding
  • Godøynes
  • Salstraumen
  • Salstraumen
  • Saltstraumen
  • Knaplundsøya
  • Naurstad
  • Mjønes
  • Mjønestindan
  • Heggmovatnet
  • Mistfjorden
  • Valvika
  • Vågøya
  • Soløyvatnet
  • Bodø

Bodø is the largest city in Nordland county,  It holds a Royal Norwegian Airforce base at the airport with many survailance missions along the coast.  Inteceptions of illigal foreign flyovers and monitoiring fishing  industri.  You may see fighetrs taking off if you are lucky. The Helicopter Sightseeing Tours starts at airport and goes along the Saltfjord towards  Løding.   Bodø is  the end stattion of Nordlandsbanen railroad that goes from Trondheim to Bodø.  The helicopter follows this arctic railline to Løding where it turns south for Godøynes and Saltstraumen.   Saltstraumen is remarkable tidal current and 400 m3  passes through the narrow passage each time.   Fishing is in the current is just an amazing experience.  On the way bak the helicopter i spassing the larges moumtain in th area , "Mjønesfjellet" at 2000 feet, and touching "Sjunkhatten" national Park while overflying Heggmovatnet.  Yhsi is th emain freshwater supply for Bodø City. Misfjorden is next on route before heading southbound along the atlantic coast to and seeing Bodø harbour appearing on the left side before landing. See also Lofoten Harstad Helicopter Tours