Oslo Helicopter Tour

#017 Want to try flyng yourself Pilot School lesson

  • Robinson 44
    Try flying a Helicopter yourself in Oslo Norway
  • Main controls
    Try fly a helicopter in Norway Main controls
  • Cyclic
    Try fly a helicopter in Oslo Norway Cyclic controls
  • Pedals
    Be a helicopter pilot How does the pedals work
  • Collective
    Learn how helicopter work Throttle
  • Tail Rotor
    Helicopter pilot lesson Tail Rotor
  • Instrument Panel
    Helicopter instruction in Oslo Norway Instruments
  • Main Rotor blades
    Learn to fly helicopter Oslo Norway Main Rotor
  • All controls
    Try flying helicopter yourself Oslo Norway

Flying a helicopter is an indescribable feeling unlike anything else you've tried. Imagine the ability to stand still in the air, moving backward, or slightly to the left or right, just like a hummingbird. It is also especially to know the feeling when the rotor starts and moves slowly but surely toward about 400 revolutions per minute. Through us you can join a pro instructor at the controls when the helicopter defy gravity, before a magnificent panorama opens. Are you among those who get a very special feeling and peace of mind when you move in extreme nature? Then this is a must-experience for you. This amazing device is something completely different than being in an aircraft, even though the principles of the aerodynamic laws are the same. You begin this event with a theory introduction around the principles of how a helicopter works. Additional topics like the controls and levers in the cockpit that is used and which parts of the helicopter they impact during flight. If you get to try your hand as a helicopter pilot, is this trip even more memorable. With an instructor beside, you even sit in the pilot's seat and feel the feeling of a helicopter pilot, each day. With expert guidance from an instructor you feel how it is to keep track of Cyclic, Collective, Throttle and Pedals. The main instruments you also covered. After about 30 minutes theory and a review of the basic principles of a helicopter, it's up in the air. Now you should try to control this fascinating means of transport in 30 minutes. You will be surprised by how amazingly manouverable  a helicopter really is, and how little effect it takes on the joysticks before the helicopter responds. So sit nestled in the pilot's seat, and enjoy the experience, when the dream of controlling a real helicopter becomes reality.